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Honors Program 

Honors Program to start in fall 2012

The Honors Program at Westminster College

Westminster College’s brand new Honors Program will provide high impact, deep learning opportunities for excellent students in Westminster College’s 2012 entering class.  Designed for a limited number of qualified students, the Honors Program will include a highly specialized, dynamic honors curriculum.  The program will be housed in the Churchill Institute and will include an array of experiences that develop academic skills, leadership skills, and global perspectives.  

Prospective students who come to campus during the Westminster Scholarship Days will get to meet with the faculty to learn more about the Honors Program and talk about the opportunities it will offer. Current students and community college transfers with outstanding records will be eligible to participate as well. 

Eligibility will be determined by combination of assessments, including an application, ACT/SAT scores (or the equivalent), high school GPA, and/or an essay. Applications with specific information will be available in early 2012.

For more information about the Honors Program, please contact:
Dr. Heidi LaVine  
Honor Program Task Force Chair

For more information about the Westminster Scholarship Days, please call the Enrollment Services Office at  800-475-3361, or check out the Scholarship Days website.

The Churchill Institute | Westminster College | 501 Westminster Avenue | Fulton, Missouri 65251