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Fulbright Scholars 

This long-established visiting professorship brings a British citizen annually to serve as a faculty member at Westminster College. The incumbent professor teaches courses on British history, but also has a wider responsibility as an ambassador for the Institute, giving talks to public audiences and presenting papers at academic conferences.

Role within the Institute

The Institute offers opportunities for students to travel abroad and experience other cultures and other education systems. The Fulbright Professor, however, brings that experience to campus and also serves to put into context, through his or her choice and range of courses, the world of Sir Winston Churchill.

Previous Fulbright Scholars

John Charmley    1992-93
Maureen Meikle 1993-95
John Ramsden  1995-96
Martin Francis  1996-97
Sheila Kerr 1997-98
Matthew O. Grenby 1998-99
Peter Catterall 1999-2000
Charles Loft   2000-01
Philip J. Morgan 2001-02
Lawrence Black 2002-03
R. P. W. Havers   2003-04
Paul Ward 2004-05
Philip Swan 2005-06
Richard C. Allen 2006-07
Richard Coggins 2007-08
Neil C. Fleming 2008-09
Dr. Robert Tyler 2009-10

                                                         Dr. Roland Quinault      2010-11                                                       

                                                         Dr. Amy Blakeway         2011-12                            




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