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Professor John Charmley 


John Charmley has been Head of the School of History at UEA in Norwich, England since 2001, and he is also Associate Dean of Faculty for Research. He specialises in modern diplomatic and political history, and created the 'Rise and fall of British Power' and 'Napoleon to Stalin' modules, on which he still lectures. His special subject on Britain and the Ottoman Empire in the C19th reflects his current research interests. He has written 8 books and edited two more, and has written widely for the national press. John is prepared to supervise Ph.D.s in either diplomatic history or the history of the Conservative Party.

Past Research Projects and Grants 

Project Title Start Date  End Date  Funding Body 
Documents on Conservative Foreign Policy, 1852-1878  8/1/2007 10/31/2008  British Academy 
York-Norwich Medieval Studies Graduate Conference 2007  6/1/2007 7/31/2007  Arts and Humanities Research Council 
The Regimen Sanitatis and its Dissemination in Later Medieval England (Wellcome Prize Studentship: Mr C Bonfield)  10/1/2003 9/30/2006  Wellcome Trust 
Princess Lieven and British diplomacy 1812-1841  5/1/2001 8/31/2003  British Academy 
George Ripley & 15th Century Alchemy Fellowship to Dr J Hughes  9/1/2000 8/31/2003  Wellcome Trust 
The History of Burroughs Wellcome and the Pharmaceutical Industry to 1939  10/1/1999 8/31/2004  Wellcome Trust
Wellcome Unit for the History of Medicine 3/1/1998  9/30/2003  Wellcome Trust 


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Key Responsibilities

Professor Charmley is Head of the School of History and Associate Dean for Enterprise and Engagement.


The Churchill Institute | Westminster College | 501 Westminster Avenue | Fulton, Missouri 65251