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Center for Engaging the World 

Formed in 2008 as the link between the Churchill Institute and Westminster’s academic programs, the Center for Engaging the World seeks to deliver an educational experience rooted in global understanding.
The Center provides many of the academic components of the Institute, including the Transnational studies major, study abroad opportunities, a faculty scholars program, and cross-cultural programming on campus.
The Center is committed to enhancing the mission of developing leaders in a global community by internationalizing the campus environment, by supporting and expanding community awareness of and respect for cultural diversity, by integrating our growing population of international students into our community, and by increasing the possibilities for students to have a transformational study abroad experience. An endowed directorship of the Center will allow a faculty member the time and resources to ensure that all programs are of the highest quality.

Role within the Institute

By being integrated into the Churchill Institute, the Center is able to provide a rich academic experience that reaches beyond the classroom to engage students in the National Churchill Museum, the Symposium on Democracy, and the International Lecture Series. In doing so, it helps students understand the connection between a liberal arts education and leadership in a global context. As the component that develops and supports the internationally-orientated aspects of Westminster’s curriculum, the Center also promotes the agenda for the Churchill Institute. Nesting the Center within the Institute distinguishes the Center from traditional International Studies programs at comparable colleges and universities.

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