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Faculty Fellows Program 

Unlike other majors on campus, the Transnational Studies major will not be housed in an academic department because it will be part of the Center for Engaging the World. Likewise, the faculty contributing to this major will not function as department members, but instead as Fellows of the Center. This group of faculty will not only provide courses for the major, but will also serve as an advisory board for the Center itself.  They will assist other faculty members with internationalizing the curriculum, with identifying professional development opportunities, and with special programming that supports international education.

Role within the Institute

Housing the Fellows in the Institute sends a strong message about our priorities as a College because we believe that international education is at the core of our identity. At the same time, we believe that our focus on academics, on internationalization, and on leadership should all be brought
together, and the Fellows will be actively engaged in bringing this initiative to fruition.

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