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Cross-Cultural Experiences on Campus 

Westminster has integrated our international students into the academic and student life as full participants, not as visitors. All of our classes have international students.  Through group work and seminar presentations, we disseminate international perspectives and create a true dialogue among our students. At the same time, Student Life has developed international and cross-cultural student organizations on campus that regularly sponsor events for all students. Westminster prides itself on nurturing the intellectual, the moral, and the practical in each individual. For this reason, our international students are integrated completely into the academic and student life experience. Domestic and international students at Westminster live together, play together, and study together in ways that are
impossible at a larger college.

Role within the Institute

Uniting international co-curricular activities and academic programs under the umbrella of the Institute has created a rare synergy supporting the internationalization of our campus. The Institute will help us develop stronger on-campus programs to ensure that all students receive an international education.

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