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Study Abroad Programs 

Westminster provides students with over 150 different programs for study abroad, sending students each year to a variety of destinations. At the same time, the College has recently invested in two highly innovative programs, Take-AFriend- Home and Projects for Peace. Both of these programs bring international and domestic students together to engage in cultural and service projects around the world, most recently to Swaziland, the Maldives and Thailand. Despite these many opportunities, only a small percentage of Westminster students are able to study abroad each year. To make study abroad available
to all students, the programs need to be supported by substantial scholarship funding.

Role within the Institute

Even though study abroad numbers have tripled over the past several years as interest in international affairs among our students has grown, we have much work to do in this area. By bringing study abroad under the purview of the Institute, our international opportunities will gain visibility and be more directly tied to the goals of the Institute itself. The Institute will also provide a mechanism by which academic, international, and leadership aims will be interwoven.

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